Thursday, October 23

The Purchasing a Pig Episode

Canada Chris is missing England. It's all about the bacon really.

Mr Smash explains the back story to why there's been an absence.

Obviously, he doesn't really want to go on about it too much.

And Sue Ryder returns just as we're about to head off to Zambia again - this time it's with an ode to 'Not Wrestling'.

Doctor of Human Genetics, Louise Harewood, returns to eat a Kit Kat and tells us what she thinks, while an acupuncturist leaves something out of Mr Smash's brown bag of yucky herbal medicine.

Meanwhile there's a broken arm, a father waiting to be answered and Steve Tierney surrenders as much of his dignity as possible as he tries to introduce his new son to the Smashcast listeners. Also, listen out for the Fifth Beatle Forecast.

It's all rather smashilicious.