Thursday, July 21

The Pronunciation Episode

Under the guidance of locals George and Phillip, Mr Smash enters the Czech Republic with travel companion, Bradders.

We visit the Turkey Project and while the word "Crisps" proves tricky to spit out, we address other pronunciation issues.  Not only do we discover that Jane's from Essex, not Manchester, but Mr Smash unearths where the H&H Café owner keeps the sugar.  Luckily, Oscar's feeling better.

We have Minty's Review; an ex-pat export reporting from Downunder; the camp weather forecast; sleep and the most smashful cricket commentator ever.

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Thursday, May 6

The Election Day Episode

After the last Smashcast's exposé on the failure of Mr Smash's attempt to take up exercise, in this very brief episode you can hear him exercise his vote. Listen out for the actual pencil scratch as he makes his mark.
Gripping stuff.

Starring Smashcast regular and housemate, Minty Colquhoun.

Saturday, September 12

The Chubby Little Loser Episode

Needing exercise, Mr Smash tries a little jogging when he stumbles across a pyramid in the forest. The Wyse Man doesn't quite impart his wisdom while Little Becky wants to become a hairdresser.

The Digital Switchover leaves Mr Smash needing some paternal assistance and Mark Norman throws down the gauntlet to get his Scooter back. From Italy.

Oh, and there's something for the Michael Jackson fan in you too.

Monday, December 22

The Christmash Episode

Christmas Past, Present and Future are featured here in the form of Ian Munday and Steve Tierney, Adrian Bradley and Brian Blessed's Yeti.

Indeed, Ian upsets the New Forest Ranger's children while Steve gets so excited that he plops in a helmet. Adrian meanwhile enlists the help of the NHS to Stop The Cavalry and Brian Blessed tells us that the Almas Giant actually exists. One day, we'll see. We'll see.

Also in this episode, The Wyse Man promises us a Christmas nugget to mull over this festive season and we feature Loopy's Christmas Miss, Wonderful Christmas.

Thursday, October 23

The Purchasing a Pig Episode

Canada Chris is missing England. It's all about the bacon really.

Mr Smash explains the back story to why there's been an absence.

Obviously, he doesn't really want to go on about it too much.

And Sue Ryder returns just as we're about to head off to Zambia again - this time it's with an ode to 'Not Wrestling'.

Doctor of Human Genetics, Louise Harewood, returns to eat a Kit Kat and tells us what she thinks, while an acupuncturist leaves something out of Mr Smash's brown bag of yucky herbal medicine.

Meanwhile there's a broken arm, a father waiting to be answered and Steve Tierney surrenders as much of his dignity as possible as he tries to introduce his new son to the Smashcast listeners. Also, listen out for the Fifth Beatle Forecast.

It's all rather smashilicious.