Wednesday, November 7

The Awful Elvis Episode

Includes Wyn Walters, a Postcard from Australia, a bleedin' terrible Elvis Presley impersonation, Sue Ryder's Greatest Bargains and some other nonsense. It's all nonsense.

Wednesday, August 22

The Glastonbury 2007 Episode Part II

Dame Shirley Bassey doesn't change her dress. Wanting to go home. Happy Birthday from Everyone. Lighting lanterns. She-pees and other toilet experiences. Spotting Kevin Spacey. The Silent Disco. Ewan snores. Mud. Food. Mud. Food. Mud.

The Glastonbury 2007 Episode Part I

Pre-Glasto phone calls. Booze buying. Naked Kate Moss. Cheering the sunshine. Jacqui gets the beers in. Spaced Out Spacey. The Healing Fields. Lester's Magic Poncho. Meeting Mark and Maddy. Ladies in wellies. Mud.

Tuesday, May 22

The Loaf of Bread Song Episode

Hoovering with Bucks Fizz. Old Tapes. Musical Youth. Minty's Review. Hawkeye at Wimbledon. An Ice Bath. The Smashcast tribute to Hovis Seeded Granary White Bread.

Friday, March 23

The Cricket World Cup Episode

Starring Dan Manns. The Cricket World Cup. A funny GP. The Telemarketer Prank. Some old TV Themes to keep us interested.

Tuesday, January 23

The Things Falling On Your Head Episode

Wyse words, Sue Ryder's Greatest Bargains, Minty's Review, the Orkney Baa, people's highlights of 2006, squeezing glands, Broadband City, Guy's finger, the first quarter-millionaire, dipping toes in the North Sea, the Bingo Puppy Dog Song, Tom's New Phone, how to handle an aggressive dog.