Wednesday, December 20

The Christmas Episode

Zambia sings. Poor old Ann Treeve, smuggler's grass. Jingle Babies. Loopy Christmas Song. The Land's End Signpost. The Sugar Plum Flatulence. Who wants to be a Carrottaire?

Loopy Christmas Single

Tuesday, October 24

The Just Before Zambia Episode

Packing for Zambia. Curling with Pete Braithwaite. Meeting Chloe and her mini tour of Emsworth. Sampling at the Emsworth Food Festival. Sue Ryder's Greatest Bargains. Mr Bradley's Impersonations of Science Fiction entities. Brislington's Business Man's Next Business Idea (to the sound of Catalini's La Wally). Wyse Words. The Moon.

The Iceman
Food Festival
Fireworks on the Quay

Friday, September 1

The Rabbit Murders Episode

Waking up with Mr Smash. The Rise and Fall of Great Business Ideas. The Moon. Gwyn Walters' Ecology Today. The word 'Pipette'. Wyse Words from West Kennet Long Barrow. David and his Banjo. Monika's Moan-a-logues. Last night a beer gut saved my life. The Mark Weavers Beat Box. The West Country Rabbit Murderer. The Importance of string.

Friday, July 14

The Gone Fishing Episode

Over-excited Fishing Friends. The Moon. Sue Ryder's Greatest Bargains. The Sound of Leather on Willow - Dan Manns' cricket diary. Wyse Words from a wise man. Jim didn't fix it for me, thank god. The Pharaoh Song. Maggots down her wellies. Abandon boat.

Friday, May 19

The Eurovision World Cup Song Episode

The Moon. The World Cup build up. Panini Sticker album swapsies. Minty's Teleportation thoughts Pt II. Gwyn Walters' Ecology Today. Loopy's World Cup Song. Eurovision Song Contest Heaven. Paddypod. Come on, Come on. Bardo, ahem.

Saturday, April 29

The McRoad Trip Episode Part II

The trip continues. From Aberdeen to Inverness to Drumnadrochit on the shores of Loch Ness to Fort Augustus to Plockton to Ullapool to Thurso and Scrabster to Orkney's Stromness and Kirkwall to John O'Groats where the two bottles of Grolsch were to be finally cracked open. Including: You Stag. Smashnav. Raw unaldulterated nature. Too much Lucozade for Steve again as he watches Sheep pass. Hairy coos. Fighting Latvian Fishermen. Random Ceilidhs. Steve Sings. Lazy Smash. And so much more. This mp3 file contains pictures.

Resting on the Ring of Brodgar

Hairy Coo

Friday, April 7

The McRoad Trip Episode Part I

Smokey and the Bandit. Part 1 of a Road Trip in Snowy Scotland. Plane Food. the Moon. Minty's Review of Chutes vs Teleportation. Sue Ryder's Greatest Bargains. Guy Harewood's Baron Greenback Impression.


Made it!

Sunday, February 12

The Birthday Episode

Beatles Karaoke. The Moon. Canadian Chris's New Boots Story. The Depressed Hamster on Dogs. The Enormous Rabbit. Post Football Aches and Pains. Smashcast Book of Records.

Wednesday, January 18

The Smashcast Book of Records Episode

Auld Lang Syne. Thora Hird conversational faux pas. Lest we forget those who have passed, it could be embarrassing. Hopes for the New Year? Going down the river. Nipple Hair. Most Pierced woman. Barking Beatles. Celebrity Big Brother. Football and bosoms. Welshman Gwyn Walters Ecology Today. Ricky Gervais Podcast.